IDA Plugin

We have made available an experimental version of our IDA plugin to registered users. It allows you to decompile files opened in the IDA Pro disassembler via our online decompilation service.

IDA plugin


v0.3.1 (September 7, 2016)

Supported IDA versions: 6.6 or greater

Installation and Usage

See our user guide.

Terms of Use

To use our plugin, you have to agree to our End-User License Agreement (EULA).


If you have questions, suggestions, bug reports or any kind of feedback, please, contact us.


  • v0.3.1 (September 7, 2016)
    • Fixed searching for the input file in cases when the .idb file was moved.
    • The plugin now creates its temporary files in the directory with the .idb file, not in the directory with the input file.
  • v0.3 (August 22, 2016)
    • Added support for decompilation of COFF object files.
    • Added support for decompilation of Intel HEX files.
    • Added support for decompilation of files containing just raw machine code.
    • Added generation of IDA comments into C files generated by full decompilation.
    • The plugin no longer performs automatic decompilation of the opened file upon the start of IDA.
    • The plugin no longer ignores statically linked functions when selective decompilation is invoked through IDA.
    • The plugin does not allow decompilation of non-existing files like objects extracted from archives.
    • The plugin does not allow decompilations that it cannot properly handle.
  • v0.2 (January 26, 2016)
    • Added an automatic check whether a newer version of the plugin is available. When a newer version exists, the user is prompted to download and install the latest version.
    • The output from full decompilations is no longer syntax-highlighted with IDA's color tags.
    • Several bug fixes.
  • v0.1.1 (November 25, 2015)
    • The plugin requires fewer third-party libraries.
  • v0.1 (November 20, 2015)
    • Initial version.

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