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New Version: 4.0

7 Apr 2020

We are proud to present a brand new version of our retargetable decompiler. Among many improvements and fixes, it brings support for decompilation of 64-bit ARM binaries, an option to produce output in the JSON format, new build system, and the basis of a library that you can currently use to disassemble binaries in your applications.

Some of the most important changes:

  • Added support for decompilation of 64-bit ARM binaries.
  • Added an option to generate decompilation results in the JSON output file format. This output contains additional meta-information and can be conveniently consumed by your tools.
  • Added a new library called retdec that lets you decompile the input into both an LLVM IR module and structured (i.e. functions and basic blocks) Capstone disassembly.
  • Implemented proper RetDec installation. It is now possible to easily use RetDec components in other CMake projects.
  • Many smaller improvements and bug fixes

For more details, see the full changelog and our blog post.