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New Version: 3.3

18 Mar 2019

We have released a new version of our retargetable decompiler. It brings experimental support for decompilation of x64 binaries, improved code structuring, faster decompilation, and much more!

Some of the most important changes:

  • Added basic support for decompilation of x86-64 binaries (previously, RetDec supported only 32b Intel x86).
  • Added support for build and run on FreeBSD and potentially on other BSD OSes.
  • Replaced the old LLVMIR-to-BIR converter in retdec-llvmir2hll with a new one, which, in most cases, improves code structure and significantly speeds up decompilations.
  • Reduced the needed stack space in retdec-llvmir2hll, which lowers its memory requirements.
  • retdec-fileinfo is now able to parse and generate imported types and TypeRef hashes for .NET binaries, metadata of Visual Basic binaries, and icon hashes for exact and similarity matching in PE files.
  • Many bug fixes

We have also released a new version of our IDA plugin.

For more details, see the full changelog.