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New Version: 3.1

7 Jun 2018

We are proud to release a new version of our retargetable decompiler. This is the first update since the 3.0 version, which was open-sourced in December 2017.

Some of the most important changes:

  • Unofficial support for building and running RetDec on macOS.
  • Reduced the likelihood of system crashes and freezes by limiting the overall memory when running RetDec tools.
  • More accurate decoding - a complete rewrite of binary to LLVM IR translation.
  • More accurate statically linked code detection - cross-checking signature references.
  • Detection of corrupted and unloadable PE files.
  • Better detection of compilers and packers - added new signatures and heuristics. YARA signatures are compiled now, which results in faster scanning.
  • New directory structure and tool names - we have added a retdec- prefix to all installed binaries and scripts.
  • Easier project development - removal of git submodules.
  • Build speedup and continuous integration builds.
  • Many other bugfixes and enhancements.

For more details, see the full changelog.

Also, as a related change, we have disabled the online web decompilation service, which has been out of date since the end of 2017. As RetDec is open source, you can build and run it directly on your PC (visit our GitHub repository).