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New Version: 2.0

1 Jun 2015

The beginning of June brings a new version of the retargetable decompiler. It is mainly oriented towards bug fixing. Apart from that, we have improved many of our optimizations (both in terms of speed and quality of the produced code), improved decompilation of specific binary files (e.g. ELF files containing only segments), and updated versions of the used C compilers. Also, our REST API is now considered to be stable.

A list of changes:

  • Speeded up many of our optimizations, which makes the decompiler run faster.
  • Added support for decompilation of ELF files containing only segments.
  • Added support for decompilation of MPRESS-packed binary files.
  • Our REST API is now considered to be stable.
  • Improved optimization of global variables to make the produced code contain less assignments to global variables.
  • Improved utilization of PDB debug information (e.g. ARM/PE).
  • Improved decompilation in the selected functions/address ranges mode (e.g. more accurate function detection).
  • Improved decompilation of binary files that use the BSS section.
  • Improved the output of our file-analyzing service service:
    • Added presentation of information from the Rich header in PE binary files.
    • Added detection of AutoIt and Eziriz.
  • Minor improvements in the output from our disassembler (e.g. outputs for relocatable files).
  • Updated versions of C compilers that are used to compile user-provided C source code into binary files. This update allowed us to add support of the PowerPC/ELF/Clang combination.
  • The decompiler now generates char instead of int8_t (e.g. strings are now of type char *, not int8_t *).
  • Many bug fixes.