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New Version: 1.9

5 Feb 2015

Alongside with the new domain, we are proud to present you a new version of the retargetable decompiler. The biggest feature is an experimental REST API. It allows anyone to write applications that interact with the decompiler by sending HTTP requests. In this way, you can run a script on your PC that decompiles given files by using our decompilation service and downloads the outputs. Other changes include improved function detection, several usability features, and bug fixes.

A list of changes:

  • Added an experimental REST API.
  • Improved algorithms for function detection.
  • Changes in the file-analyzing service:
    • Added information about overlay.
    • Added a link to download the output from the analysis.
  • Changes in the decompilation service:
    • Added a new option under Decompilation Settings: Decompiler Optimizations. It allows you to change the level of optimizations performed by the decompiler.
    • The output from the disassembler now contains register names instead of bare numbers.
    • The generated files now have file names based on the name of the original input file.
  • Internal change: We no longer convert the input binary file to a unified COFF-like representation. In our previous publications, we mentioned that the decompiler utilizes such a conversion.
  • Many bug fixes.