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New Version: 1.8

30 Sep 2014

The end of September brings a new version of the retargetable decompiler. The main features are the ability to decompile only the selected functions or address ranges from input binary files and various improvements in the quality of the generated code. Besides that, this version is mostly oriented towards bug fixing.

A list of changes:

  • Added support for decompiling only the selected functions or address ranges from input binary files. You can try it by selecting the "Executable File" input type in our decompilation service and setting the "Decompile" option in "Input File Settings" to "Selected Functions" or "Selected Ranges".
  • Added reconstruction of more instruction idioms on Intel x86 and PowerPC.
  • Added reconstruction of advanced system calls.
  • Added a link to download all the generated results in a single ZIP archive (decompiled code, output from the disassembler, call and control-flow graphs).
  • Added structuring of complex initializers before they are emitted into the decompiled code.
  • Improved the output from the disassembler.
  • Improved the detection of functions and their arguments on PowerPC.
  • Improved the heuristic detection of the used compiler.
  • Show the detected language(s) of the original source files in the decompiled code. This detection is based on debugging information.
  • Many bug fixes.