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New Version: 1.3

17 Jun 2013

A new release of the retargetable decompiler has just been made. Among the main features of this release belong basic support of Windows API, new optimizations, more configuration options in the online decompilation form, and a newsletter.

A list of changes:

  • added a basic support for Windows API (types and renaming of variables storing values returned from functions)
  • added a newsletter (you can subscribe by filling your email address in the header of our web)
  • added a differentiation of optimizations into two categories: normal and aggressive. The latter may produce more readable code, although the output may not be necessarily correct in all cases. Moreover, added two aggressive optimizations of global variables and memory accesses.
  • added more configuration options to the online decompilation form
    • there are several types of variable-names renamers
    • you can choose between normal and aggressive optimizations
    • you can enable the decompilation of unreachable functions
    • you can turn off the emission of addresses in the resulting code (comments of the form `// 0xXXXXXXXX`)
  • added a basic support for the `long double` type from the C language
  • improved the optimization of assignments into global variables
  • improved the propagation of function calls (reduces the number of temporary variables)
  • yet another speedup of the decoding phase
  • various small enhancements and bug fixes