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New Version: 1.2

17 May 2013

Today, we have made a new version of the retargetable decompiler. The main features of this version are a base implementation of FPU (Floating-Point Unit) on Intel x86, decoding speedup, elimination of unreachable code, and renaming of variables.

A list of changes:

  • added a base implementation of FPU (Floating-Point Unit) on Intel x86
  • speeded-up the decoding of Intel x86 binaries (up to 80%)
  • added an optional elimination of unreachable functions from the generated code
  • added a renaming of variables storing values from various functions in the standard libraries (for example, int var1 = socket(..) becomes int sock_fd = socket(..))
  • added a basic conversion of constants passed to functions from the standard libraries to their symbolic names (for example, flock(var2, 6)) becomes flock(var2, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB))
  • improved the detection of header files that have to be included for the decompiled functions from standard libraries (towards code re-compilation)
  • added a basic detection and elimination of unreachable code after functions which do not return (like exit() or abort())
  • added a support of several different renaming of variables
  • improved the entry-point analysis
  • various small enhancements and bug fixes